Rocket technology is old.....very very old...used in some form or other for over 2000 years, and though many sophisticated technological improvements have been made to it, especially this last 70 years, ultimately it is a primitive technology ill-suited for a true space-faring civilization.

Imagine if everytime you wanted to get some candy bars and soft drinks, from a nearby convenience store 12 blocks away from your home, you had to get into a semi truck full of feul, dump most of the truck load before you reached the top of the hill, coasted to the stores parking lot on momentum, did your business, and then coasted down the hill, back home.
Add to that if you had to worry about the wind being too strong, as that might threaten the entire you might postpone hours, days, even weeks...until it relented into a calm.

Humanity could never sustain such gross inefficiency or the absurd costs.

Many novel ideas for replacing combustion rocketry do exist and have for decades, and it is these, and many yet undreamt of, which will be the basis of a humanity that can casually travel through space.

Were not quite there just yet.

IN THE INTERIM, more efficient cargo delivery into earths orbit can be attained using a space payload launching gun....a Space Gun.

One which uses FREE solar power, to launch a shelled payload which is electromagnetically hyper accelerated, without the use of any combustables, through the the stratosphere into the void of space.